Laser Cut Tungsten

Do you work with tungsten?  Tungsten is a valuable metal that can serve a wide variety of purposes from microwave ovens to automobile distributors to rocket engines.  Working with a team of experts who understand how to craft your tungsten to meet your specific needs can be critical.

Micron Laser Technology has the necessary experience for laser cutting tungsten applications.  Learn more about our services below, and invest in our laser cutting tungsten services!

What Is Tungsten Metal?

Tungsten is a strong, durable metal that has been used in multiple industries for decades. It is commonly used in electronics, aeronautics, and alloys where super hard materials are required. Tungsten can be used as a pure metal or mixed with other metals to make alloys.

Tungsten is commonly used in heavy metal alloys for the fabrication of cutting tools like drill bits and milling/routing cutters. It is also used in the so-called ‘superalloys’ to form wear-resistant coatings, turbine blades, or rocket engine nozzles.  Tungsten carbide is only slightly less hard than that of diamonds.

What are the most significant advantages of using laser cut tungsten? There are several key points you should keep in mind as listed below.

The Main Advantages of Using Laser Cut Tungsten

There are several reasons why so many designers and engineers rely on tungsten for their metallic needs. These include:

  • Tungsten is able to resist high temperatures. In its purest form, tungsten has one of the highest melting points in the world. Therefore, this is the perfect material if you need to expose something to a high-temperature environment. That is why it is so commonly used in the aerospace, construction, and aeronautics industries.
  • Tungsten also has a very high density. This means that tungsten is one of the heaviest metals around. Therefore, tungsten is able to stand up to a wide variety of stresses without breaking. For example, tungsten is commonly used to make ballasts for aircraft and racing cars.
  • Tungsten has a very low rate of thermal expansion. This means that it will retain its shape even when it is exposed to extreme heat. You do not have to worry about tungsten buckling under pressure. That is why tungsten carbide is commonly used in jet engines and cutting tools.
  • Tungsten is extremely resistant to corrosion. For example, this property is particularly useful if you know tungsten is going to be exposed to solvents, acidic, basic, or waterlogged environments.
Laser Cut Tungsten High Speed Cutting Tools scaled
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Why Go with Laser Cutting for Tungsten?

Laser cutting tungsten is one of the best ways for you to customize your tungsten to meet your specific needs. Some of the main advantages of laser cutting include:

  • Laser cutting is one of the most accurate ways to shape tungsten to meet your needs.
  • Because laser cutting is so precise, you do not have to worry about collateral damage throughout the rest of the surface.
  • Laser cutting is not going to harm any of the natural properties of tungsten.
  • Laser cutting is a non-contact method for cutting tungsten to achieve the smallest feature sizes or part geometry.

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