Custom Laser Cutting and Manufacturing

Not all Laser Processes are Created Equally! With over 20 years dedicated to laser process development, let Micron Laser Technology be an extension of your factory floor.





Laser Material Processing Services and Contract Manufacturing

Micron Laser Technology is an AS9100D / ISO9001:2015 certified and ITAR registered laser service provider for the medical, aerospace, defense, and electronics industries.

With an 18,000 sqft facility dedicated to laser material processing utilizing twenty plus laser systems of various wavelengths, Micron Laser Technology (MLT) advances their customers’ schedules, process capabilities and product differentiation. Laser process applications include laser drilling, close tolerance routing, control depth skiving, part marking, prototyping, and micro-machining.

With the custom integration of CO2, UV, and YAG laser systems and more than 20 years of laser process development, MLT has specialized in the laser machining of most any metal or plastic of less than .100″ in thickness. By employing high-resolution encoders/galvos and optical alignment, MLT provides a positional and dimensional accuracy of up to +/- 10um.

Additionally, MLT provides dedicated laser applications for rigid (PCB) and flexible circuit (FPC) manufacturers inclusive of microvia (uVia) drilling, ZIF routing, squeeze-out removal, window skiving, selective soldermask removal, trace trimming, part marking, serialization, cavity formation and general PCB rework.

We’re proud to offer Same Day turn times!

  • Same Day Turns

  • ITAR Registered

  • AS9100D / ISO9100:2015 Registered

  • Up to 15um Tolerances

  • Production Overflow

  • Prototyping Services

  • Optical Alignment

PCB Brochure (click)

18-8 Stainless Annealed Sheet – 24in X 24in18-8 Stainless Full Hard Sheet – 24in X 24in301 Stainless Full Hard Sheet – 24in X 24in301 Stainless Steel301 Stainless Steel Sheets301 Stainless Steel Strips304 Stainless Annealed Sheet – 24in X 24in304 Stainless Full Hard Roll – 12in X 50in304 Stainless Full Hard Roll – 6in X 50in304 Stainless Full Hard Sheet – 24in X 24in304 Stainless Steel304 Stainless Steel Sheets304 Stainless Steel Strips316 Stainless Annealed Sheet – 24in X 24in316 Stainless Full Hard Sheet – 24in X 24in316 Stainless Steel316 Stainless Steel Sheets316 Stainless Steel StripsAcrylic Laser CuttingAcrylic Laser Cutting Services  Al2O3 MachiningAlN MachiningAlumina MachiningArlon Isola Nelco Laser Cutting DrillingBuna-N GasketsCeramic MachiningCircuit Laser ContouringCircuit Laser RoutingCircuit Laser SkivingContract Laser ServicesCopper Brass Bronze Laser Cutting DrillingCustom BracketsCustom DiaphragmsCustom GasketsCustom ShimsCutting ServicesDelrin Acetal Laser Cutting DrillingDupont Laminates Laser Cutting DrillingElectronics MachiningFlexible Circuits Laser ServicesFPC Laser ContouringFR4 Laser Cutting DrillingGarolite Fiberglass Phenolics Laser Cutting DrillingGraphite MachiningIC Laser MarkingKapton Laser Cutting DrillingLaser Cut AcrylicLaser Cut AdhesivesLaser Cut BracketsLaser Cut CeramicsLaser Cut CoverlayLaser Cut EpoxyLaser Cut FoamLaser Cut GasketsLaser Cut LexanLaser Cut MetalsLaser Cut PlasticsLaser Cut PlexiglassLaser Cut PreformsLaser Cut RubberLaser Cut Shadow MasksLaser Cut StencilsLaser Cut TapesLaser CuttingLaser Cutting MaterialsLaser Cutting ServicesLaser DepanelingLaser Drilling MaterialsLaser Engraving ServicesLaser Job ShopLaser Kiss CuttingLaser MachiningLaser Material ProcessingLaser MicromachiningLaser PrototypingLaser RoutingLaser ServicesLaser SkivingLaser Soldermask RemovalLaser Squeeze Out RemovalLaser ZIF ConnectorLexan Laser CuttingLexan Laser DrillingMedical Face ShieldMedical MachiningMetal Laser Cutting ServicesMicro Hole DrillingMicrovia Laser DrillingMicro-via Laser DrillingMylar Polyester PET Laser Cutting DrillingNeoprene GasketsNon-Metal Laser Cutting ServicesPCB Laser ContouringPCB Laser Micro-via DrillingPCB Laser ReworkPCB Laser RoutingPCB Laser ServicesPCB Laser SkivingPCB Micro-via DrillingPEEK MachiningPlastic Laser Cutting ServicesPlexiglass Laser CuttingPlexiglass Laser DrillingPolyimide Laser Cutting DrillingPPE Face ShieldPrecision MachiningPrepreg Laser Cutting DrillingPTFE MachiningPVDF MachiningRogers LCP Duroid Laminate Laser Cutting DrillingRouting ServicesSilicon Glass Laser Cutting DrillingStainless Steel CoilsStainless Steel Laser Cutting DrillingStainless Steel Laser Cutting ServicesStainless Steel RollsStainless Steel_SheetsStainless Steel StripsTeflon PTFE Laser Cutting DrillingThin Metal Laser Cutting ServicesTitanium MachininguVia Laser Drilling