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MLT specializes in precision laser cut tubes with tube outer diameters less than .5 inches and wall thicknesses less than .100”. Laser cut tubes are designed for cutting round, square, rectangular, flat, and other types of tubing. Tubes can be accurately cut to length or cut to have holes, slots or other geometric features about the tube surface.

Processing techniques allow for through cuts of a single wall without laser ablating or cutting into the opposite tube wall. Some significant benefits for laser tube cutting include the following:

  • Straight wall, burr-free cuts
  • Variety of materials
  • Fast Turn-Times
  • No oil contamination
  • No Tooling Cost
  • Single wall ablation
  • Ease of Part Modification
  • Dimensional & Positional Accuracy

Matching the tubing material to the right laser wavelength is paramount to cut quality and throughput. Common metal tubing materials include copper, brass, stainless steel, titanium, and nitinol Non-metal tubing includes many polymer based materials in Kapton (polyimide), Mylar (PET), PEEK, PFA, Polycarbonate and the like.

These plastics are widely used in the medical device industry. Non-invasive surgical tools and device miniaturization are taking advantage of laser machined polymer tubing. Plastic tubing is biocompatible and produced in smaller diameters than metal.

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CAD or Data Requirements

CAD system integration and custom file converters enable flexible, laser manufacturing from customer-provided data. If needed, MLT will take single part drawings and create optimized sheet layups to maximize your yield. Although most file types are accepted, the preferred file types are Gerber, DXF, or other 2D formats.

For more CAM/CAD guidelines and detailed requirements, click CAD Requirements.