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Micron Laser Technology will manufacture your flat die boards according to your specifications. MLT flat die boards are made from flat, high-strength thermoset plastics like Acrylic, Lexan, and Derin or laminates like Birch and Rayform.

Steel rule die (SRD) cutting technology uses pressure between two parallel plates to cut material similar to a common ‘cookie cutter’ tool. The steel blades or ‘rule’ are cut and inserted into the board that forms the die.

Die boards are commonly made from Birch plywood, but MLT utilizes only thermoset plastics due to its strength, wear attributes, cleanliness, and non-absorbing property. The die designs vary in the steel thickness (.030″-.050″), height and the blade edge.

Material choices can be unaffected by heat for long lasting die cutting and re-knifing. Laser machining ensures steel inserts will not easily slip out but do not require excessive force to avoid deformation. Dies can produce fold lines, scores, and perforations.

MLT Die Board Advantages

  • Replaceable blades
  • Lowest form of die tooling cost
  • Ideal for prototyping
  • Ease of setup
  • Durable and strong plastics

MLT laser cut die board are held to within .005″ or better accuracy. Depending on the material, this tolerance can translate in to part tolerances with similar values. The die’s useful life is subject to the material being cut with hardness and thickness as contributing factors. Die boards can be used to cut sheet plastic, corrugated plastic, gaskets, chipboard, fabric, paperboard, foam, rubber, neoprene, hypalon, felt, cork, thin metals (.005 or less), wood, acrylic, composites, fiberglass, and many other flat materials.

MLT die board applications support medical, pharmaceutical, garment/apparel, and food industries to automate food packaging, packaging placement, and hot cutting. MLT is your partner in developing the optimal die board solution with design, samples, spare parts, and prototypes.

Sometimes, it may just may be more cost effective to have MLT laser cut your product for the fastest turns, greater precision, and easy of modifications! MLT specializes in material conversions and provide converter services for many material manufactures and distributors.

CAD or Data Requirements

CAD system integration and custom file converters enable flexible, laser manufacturing from customer-provided data. Although most file types are accepted, the preferred file types are Gerber, DXF, or other 2D formats.

For more CAM/CAD guidelines and detailed requirements, click CAD Requirements.